Light ? Prison

Server information:
Little information about the server.
LightPrison is a minecraft prison based server where you and your
friends and enemies have to fight to survive and gain materials that you
can sell to admin shops for a amount of money. Doing this will give you
money which can be spent on either ranks or player items sold by players
on the server in their own marketplaces. The higher rank you are, the better
and easier the materials gets to find and more worth. This server includes
pvp, which allows you to fight player vs player or in group using our own pvp
arenas on the server. Our economy is unique, therefore we do have our own
token system that can be looked at on our website.


Our server is unique because of our special features!
No Lag
Custom Plugins
Dedicated Server
A-Z Block
Donor Benefits
Daily Events
Unique Prison Blocks
Custom Resource Pack
Friendly Community
Token System

/ranks board.

How to connect!
Connect to lightprison.net or on your
minecraft client.