We have Bukkit, Tekkit Main, Tekkit Lite, Tekkit Classic, Hexxit, Voltz, Big Dig, B-Team, Pixelmon, FTB Horizons/Monster/Tech World 2/Direwolf, and more to come soon!

Our servers are built to our players ideas and suggestions, we strive for performance and optimization. Our servers NEVER lag! EVER! All of our servers are hosted on custom built private hosted dedicated servers. None of our servers HAVE EVER dropped below 19 TPS!

We are using the recommended 1.0.10 Hexxit Technic Modpack version, you can update to this by clicking on the cogwheel under the modpack and manually select the version as 1.0.10 and update your pack.

As of now our modpack for 1.0.10 has NO BANNED MODS!

So come check us out, or our other 13 servers! http://apocgaming.org http://apocclangaming.enjin.com